12 Most Badass Chest Body Mods

These were done by Roland at Visavajara in Freiburg, Germany, with custom-made black teflon jewelry by Oli.

Extremely geeky chest piercing of Pac-Man and ghost, done by Body Piercing by Tracy in Oceanside, California.

Front corset piercing.

Playing with needles.

Elise from Sydney, Australia likes to hang a little chair off one of her 14g chest dermals, just for fun.

81-year-old Joy Tomkins has what is probably the most badass tattoo a person can get.

A Chest that Sparkles. Microdermals by James Raimar, Holeybody, Saginaw, Michigan.

8 point plays piercing on chest.

Amazing set of very British deep chest piercings by Iestyn Flye. You may be wondering to yourself how such a thing could heal, because if you shrunk the whole thing down to 14ga this would be about the least advisable way to do a surface piercing. However, once you start talking about this bulk of tissue, the body responds quite differently and, rather than trying to spit the material out like a sliver, accepts it as “too large to fight” and sullenly heals around it — albeit in a process that can take a year or more to fully mend (with a certain amount of kicking and screaming by the tissue!).

When Ryan from Precision Body Arts was in London he did this heart branding on a client's chest — this is a the first time he's tried the “crosshatch” method of accenting a cutting, first popularized by Dave Gillstrap.

Anatomical heart tattoo.

Chest implant.

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