Top 5 Coolest Floating Homes from Around the World

Floating homes provide a more open and relaxing living experience, with many owners choosing locations not too far from the big city for convenience. Here are five of the coolest examples from around the world.

Hausboot Silverbeaver

Located on the Hunte River located in Oldenburg, Germany and designed by Confused-Direction Design, the Hausboot Silverbeaver features lots of natural wood construction elements that cover the outside, helping the home blend with its natural surroundings. Inside, you'll find lots of modern touches which create an inviting and warm living areas.


The Hamburg residence in Germany was designed by architecture firm Sprenger von der Lippe. It spans 1500-square-feet and the most private areas are down right on the water, while the more public spaces are designed to be atop the upper level. You get expansive water views no matter where you are in the home. It boasts an industrial style look, with a host of warm wood touches.


At $3.45-million, this modern floating home was designed by the team at Vandeventer + Carlander Architects and boasts nearly 2,900-square-feet of living space. It resides on Lake Union in the heart of Seattle and also features 850-square-feet of terraces and roof deck to enjoy the panoramic views south of downtown.

Fennell Residence

Robert Harvey Oshatz's was an architect on a mission, one to create a unique and stylish floating home, complete with many nods to organic shapes and fluidity. The Fennell Residence was the result. Its flowing curves and lines mimic the ripples and soft waves of a river. While the glass front of this home perfectly frames the water view to observe from the warm and inviting interior.


Designed by Milan Ridky, the SayBoat home by is not only an amazing, floating home that consists of under 700 square feet, but its minimalist style on the inside is one to marvel at. It utilizes beautiful beech wood and stainless steel. This floating home is so compact that it can wander through rivers or even be toted on the road; which was a large factor in programming the space.

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