19 Things That Look Horrifying Under a Mircoscope

If you read Marvel comic books, you know that the Micro-verse is a nasty place to be around, even if you’re a certified member of the Avengers. So imagine the grittiness of real life under a microscope, especially the creatures, insects and tiny organisms that don’t look all too appealing in regular size, and you get some of the most horrifying images you’ll ever get to see.

A Butterfly

Ant Face


Chicken embryo

Cleptoparasitic Bee

Cleptoparasitic bees, commonly called “cuckoo bees” because their behavior is similar to cuckoo birds, occur in several bee families, though the name is technically best applied to the apidsubfamily Nomadinae. Females of these bees lack pollen collecting structures (the scopa) and do not construct their own nests. They typically enter the nests of pollen collecting species, and lay their eggs in cells provisioned by the host bee. When the cuckoo bee larva hatches it consumes the host larva’s pollen ball, and if the female cleptoparasite has not already done so, kills and eats the host larva.

Embryonic Zebrafish


The Eyelash Mite

More Wonderful Mite (The Water Kind)

Head Lice on Human Hair

Hydrothermal worm


Marine Worm

Eyes of the Mighty Mosquito

Spider Eyes


Tick, all Swollen

Human Teeth

Wasp’s Head

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