Botanicalls Informs You When Your Plants Need A Drink

How many of you do not have the kind of green fingers required to ensure that every single plant that falls into your hands will be able to flourish? Assuming you are not in possession of such magical fingers, then might we suggest you enlist the next best thing to help you out (and it would be cheaper than a full time gardener, too) – technology. This time around, such technology comes in the form of Botanicalls, where each set comprises of moisture sensors that are placed within the plant’s soil, where it is capable of knowing whether the soil is under watered or otherwise.

This would allow the plant to “call” you, the owner, by leaving a pre-recorded message to alert you to the status of your plant’s health. Not only that, your plant is also capable of sending out tweets based on the current level of hydration. Of course, hopefully in due time, you would be able to pick up the art of gardening and pass on your set of Botanicalls to someone else.

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