Mystery surrounds discovery of newborn kittens at prison

People spend their lives trying to get out of prison but for one cat it was the perfect place to hide her six newborn kittens.

The tiny felines were found in a truck at Parc Prison in Bridgend, along with their mother Agatha.

Once located, the kittens, who have also been named after famous fictional investigators, were taken into custody.
But the mother of Jessica, Sherlock, Christie, Marple, Kojak, and Morse proved to be a slippery customer, escaping the clutches of the guards.
‘The kittens were an easy catch, but mum was more elusive and, despite help from prison staff, she managed to get away,’ said deputy manager of Cats Protection in Bridgend, Kelly Matthews.
‘They were well behaved but very demanding as they needed bottle feeding every two hours through the day and night.’
In the end the new mum was found and reunited with her litter the next day.
All the cats were healthy but the mystery of how they got into the prison has not yet been solved.


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