Man builds PIRATE SHIP tree house for his granddaughter

An Arizona man has built a unique pirate ship playhouse for his granddaughter, only to have some scallywags plunder his precious corsair booty.
According to Yavapai County sheriff's deputies, the unidentified landlubbers commandeered the wooden tallship built into the hill behind cap'n Mike Shepherd’s Prescott home and made away with an arsenal of swords and daggers, jewellery and a collection of doubloons back in May.
Shepherd explained that about 15 years ago, he gathered some long planks and began working on a tree house for his daughter, which somehow morphed into an authentic looking pirate ship.

Shiver me timbers! Mike Shepherd built this pirate

Looted booty: The scallywags responsible for the brazed theft got away with $5,000 worth of items, including a collections of swords and jewelry
The vessel, a true swashbucklers’ heaven modelled  on an 18th-century tall ship, has been used by Shepherd’s family and local school children, who sometimes stop to gape at the authentic-looking treasures inside.
‘It is ironic that in modern day, someone looted our booty,’ Shepherd quipped to the local station MyFox Phoenix.
The ship builder, an avid traveller, has filled his creation with unique souvenirs from around the world, including a small wooden box from Spain filled with old European coins; an Uzbeki knife; replica Confederate silver dollars , and a turquoise and coral necklace valued at more than $400.
WNEM reported that in May, Shepherd called sheriff’s deputies to report that someone had broken into his locked vessel marooned in the 600 block of Hill Drive by taking the door off the hinges.
The buccaneers made away with booty worth $5,000. So far, no arrests have been made, and officials have been unable to identify any suspects.

Pirate treasure: Shepherd has filled his creation with unique souvenirs from around the world, including old weapons and bric-a-brac worthy of a corsair

Swag: Among the stolen items was a small wooden box from Spain filled with old European coins

No quarter: Shepherd joked that back in the old days, he would have delivered swift pirate justice to the scoundrel who plundered his ship
Seeking to teach the scallywags a lesson, Shepherd has since put up a sign on the ship that reads: ‘only fools steal from pirates.'
Speaking to reporters, Shepherd jokingly waxed nostalgic about bygone times, saying that back in the days, he would have made quick work of the bilge-sucking dogs by delivering swift pirate justice.
‘Back then we either put a cannon ball on their foot and send them down, or rope around their neck and send them up,’ he said with a laugh.

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