Street Origami: 30,000 Pieces Folded to Create Colorful Art

An urban art play in multiple acts, this staged installation colorfully spans brick walls, stone steps and wood facades as part of an art festival in Angers, France.

Mademoiselle Maurice is the French artist behind this series of works, but not the only person involved. Lots of local volunteers, from regional students to nearby residents, pooled their efforts to help build the thirty thousand pieces required to make it all work.

Made up of detailed parts, the works are designed to function at different scales, and spread out to also make for movement-centered experiences as one walks through or past the colored arrays.

This set of interventions was built for the 2013 ARTAQ Festival, but in a similarly colorful style that is a long-standing signature style of its creator. From the artist: “We intervened in nearly twenty places, such as leisure centers, schools (from kindergarten to high school), but also within the prison.”

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