Father's eye-popping world record attempt ends in failure after his eyeballs bulge out too far for judges to measure

A father whose eye-popping act became a YouTube sensation failed to set a new world record - because his eyes came out too far.
John Doyle, 30, became an instant online hit when he first started posting videos of his stunt two years ago.
One, set to Daft Punk's Get Lucky, reached 500,000 views within days.
He has since been flown everywhere from America to Japan to display his talent on TV.

Denied: John Doyle from Rainhill, Liverpool, was refused the title after being measured last night

The optometrists visiting him at Vincent Hotel in Southport didn't bring long-enough equipment

The father-of-one is determined to keep trying. He has trained for two years and performed worldwide

Mr Zoom: John Doyle lamented his lost title with his mother, wife and two-year-old daughter last night

YouTube hit: Mr Doyle can swivel his eyes around. He performed his talents in a pub before taking to the internet

Determined: Mr Doyle will fight to get bigger equipment made so he can be crowned world's biggest eye popper

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