4 Semi-Subterranean Townhouses Set into Sloping Hillside

At once bold and contextual, this series of slope-side urban dwellings manages to look modern and yet related to the historic civic buildings located on the street above.

Designed by Lischer Partner Architekten Planer in Lucerne, Switzerland, each two-story dwelling is tucked into the hillside to create more private rooms in the rear and forward spaces that thrust out into the southern sunlight and surrounding views.

The limestone found on the exterior makes each element feel more monolithic, but also relates to the similarly light-stone structures found in the surrounding area. This elemental minimalism is carried into the interior as well.

The back area of the second story is also illuminated via skylights, helping (along with significant frontal fenestration) to offset the lack of side or back windows.

Despite being adjacent and structurally similar to one another, each home ultimately feels detached and private thanks to its forward-facing orientation and enclosed sides.

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