Jet Capsule Miniature Luxury Yacht

Although by definition, it’s not technically a yacht, the Jet Capsule aims to bring the same luxury experience on the water (with family and friends) through a much smaller, more maneuverable solution.



Designed by Italy based Pierpaolo Lazzarini, the Jet Capsule measures in at just 7.5 meters long. Don’t let its small size fool you though. The vessel provides seating for up to 7, with a fully customizable seating area. The fiberglass constructed hull allows the 325 horsepower Yammar diesel engine to propel the boat through the water at speeds of up to 25 knots. The futuristic design was inspired by space ships, and even features a rooftop lounge bad for catching some rays. The colorful lighting is a nice way to grab some attention while cruising the open waters after sunset.

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