Fluid Zaha Hadid Superyacht Inspired by Organic Forms

Fluid and sculptural, architect Zaha Hadid’s design for a series of superyachts produced by German shipbuilder Blohm + Voss takes visual cues from the water upon which it floats. Hadid has envisioned a bio-inspired, almost skeletal framework for a 128-meter yacht that will be slightly adapted for four additional 90-meter yachts.

Hydrodynamic research led to the rounded shape of the hull, and the overall design is informed by fluid dynamics and underwater ecosystems. The interwoven network of glossy white supports on the hull form an exoskeleton that give the yacht an organic appearance.

Where most luxury yachts can be a bit blocky, with each deck stacked on top of the other in a predictable fashion, Hadid’s design wraps each level in the exoskeleton for a more integrated, cohesive appearance.

“As a dynamic object that moves in dynamic environments, the design of a yacht must incorporate additional parameters beyond those for architecture – which all become much more extreme on water,” says Hadid. “Each yacht is an engineered platform that integrates specific hydrodynamic and structural demands together with the highest levels of comfort, spatial quality and safety.”

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