Surreal photographs depict tiny figures slaving away in a HUGE world

A tiny workman uses a crowbar to try and lever open the ring pull of a Coca-Cola can, while a miniature skier prepares to make his way down a mountain of granulated sugar.
Such surreal scenarios are commonplace in the world of little people captured by artist and 'macro photographer' David Gilliver who specialises in extreme close-up photography.
The Guernsey-based finance worker, 34, spends hours scouring the internet to source his figurines, which are mainly intended for use on model railway sets.

Artist David Gilliver's little people try to crack eggs in his art work called Project Omelette

A little person tries to open a cold drink can of fizzy drink in his art work, Ring Pull (l) and a couple make their way through a landscape filled with shells in his work, Walking On Eggshells

A man tries to crack open a nut in the art work There's Always One Pistachio That Is Always Near Impossible To Open

A tiny workman scoops out some kiwi (l) while another little man prepares to go for a swim in a bowl of cereal in his piece titled, Water Wings

David Gilliver's little people prepare a pumpkin in his art work, Halloween Preparations

One of artist David Gilliver's little businessmen stands inside a pea pod, in his art work Welcome To The POD

Little forensic scientists observe a pair of candy teeth in his art work titled Scale And Polish (l) and comedy jaws feature in Chief, Judging By The Size Of These Dentures, I'd Say We Are Looking For Some Kind Of A Giant

Little men stuck in the Coca Cola drink spilled on the floor in his art work titled, Free Refills
Little people seen working in the paddy fields in his piece The Rice Fields Of Lilliput

Little people seen working in the paddy fields in his piece The Rice Fields Of Lilliput

Little security personnel stand guard in front of giant cockroaches in his art work, Stand Firm Men! (l) and people seen shovelling sugar in his piece Granulating Sugar

A group of little characters seen relaxing on multi-coloured 'furniture' in his art work Skittle Seats

Little people seen working on potato chip sticks, in his art work titled Ever Wondered Why All The Crisps At The Bottom Of The Packet Are Tiny?

Tiny workmen grate hunks of cheese in David Gilliver's art work, You're Doing A Grate Job Little men (l) A skier hits the slopes in Sugar Mountain

Runners pound across bubble wrap in Just Popping To The Shops

Tiny workmen are seen carrying breath mints in Tic Tac Toe

A couple take a walk next to two jelly babies in his piece, Taking The Babies For A walk and checking pregnancy status in his piece titled That's Gonna Be A BIG Baby!

Little people seen destroying sweet treats in a work entitled Game Of Candy Crush Anyone?


Men in hazardous materials suits observe a giant chilli pepper in his work, WARNING - Scotch Bonnet Alert! Little dancers in his art work titled, Cocktail Stick Waitresses

People hard at work extracting the kernels from the cob in Harvesting The Corn

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