Amazing photos of snake attacking crocodile, winning... and then swallowing it whole!

It was one of the most astonishing battles in the animal world - when a snake decided it was going to swallow a whole crocodile for lunch.
If it seems an impossible notion, these photos show the astonishing result as the snake slithered slowly away with the crocodile filling its body.
Local woman Tiffany Corlis saw the snake, a python, heading towards the freshwater crocodile on the edge of Lake Moondarra, some 12 miles north east of Mount Isa, in outback Queensland.

The python wrestle the six-foot freshwater crocodile at Lake Moondarra, 12 miles north east of Mount Isa, in outback Queensland

Try as it might, once the crocodile was caught in the python's death grip, it could not fight its way free

Once the snake had killed the crocodile, it proceeded to swallow it whole

Once the snake had devoured the crocodile it slithered off, double its original size, to digest the croc in peace

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