Incredible moment Vietnamese man takes his kids across a flooded river in a PLASTIC BAG

This parent is giving a whole new meaning to ‘school bag’ as he helps a class of primary pupils safely cross a river by taking them in a plastic bag.
When the children in Sam Lang village, Dien Bien Province, near Hanoi in northern Vietnam could not get to school due to spring floods, one father found an unorthodox solution.
As the nearby suspension bridge was out of action, he put the children in a plastic bag to keep them dry, and carried them across the flooded river.

Going in: This bizarre school run was filmed by a teacher in Sam Lang village, Dien Bien Province, near Hanoi in northern Vietnam during the spring floods

Bagged up: When the local river flooded, preventing the children from getting to school, one parent took them across in a plastic bag

Off we go: The unnamed parent took each and every one of the children across the river in the bag
His incredible devotion to the children’s education was filmed by their teacher Tong Thi Minh.
In the clip, one of the children’s fathers can be seen carefully wrapping up each child in a plastic bag before he launches himself neck deep into the raging torrent.

On dry land: Once a pupil got out of the bag on the other side, the parent returned to pick up another

Safe on the other side: Teacher Tong Thi Minh pictured with the class who were taken across the river in bags

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