Kagan Shuvee UV Shoe Deodorizer – end the embarrassment of pongy footwear in an instant

Few things are guaranteed to annoy the neighbors as much as a pair of stinky trainers fouling the air over a 20 meter radius around a property, not to mention traumatizing the local dogs. Up till recently the only solution was to douse the shoe wear in petrol and set them alight (or maybe use some sort of nasty chemical spray) to keep the peace, but now there’s a more eco friendly option.

This Kagan Shuvee UV Shoe Deodorizer uses the germ killing power of ultraviolet light to sanitize shoes and restore harmony to middle earth once more. The product works by sterilizing the bacteria so they can’t multiply and make all the smell, just pop the shoes on the stalks, press the button and presto, job done.

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