She's got a tatt or two! Heavily inked models bare all in new book that celebrates female body art

If the idea of a heavily tattooed woman conjures images of a not so classy nature, these picture might make you think again.
Tattoos are enjoying a big come-back right now as the hipster generation embraces them all over again.
And a new book of the world's top tattoo models, challenges the stereotype by featuring beautifully styled images of their well-inked torsos.

The new book features a collection of images of the the world's most heavily tattooed models
The alluring photos include hypnotic portraits and provocative poses all tastefully showcasing mesmerising body art.
One model, featured on the cover, has a dragon breathing fire out of her armpit and a bunch of grapes tucked into her underwear.
Sarah Mailet, another of the model,  has a mesh of elaborate flowers trailed over her shoulder and back, with butterflies poised to set off in flight at the nape of her neck.

Model Sarah Mailet showcases her beautifully tattooed torso
For the raunchier Leigha Hagan, one pair of breasts just isn't enough, so she has a naked chest inked on her arm too.
Her forearm also features a blonde man wearing a gas mark alongside other unique images.

A page from new book Ink 'N Girls, featuring tattoo model Angel Dies
Leigha also sports a small tattoo under her eye.
The new release, titled Ink N Girls and published by Schiffer Books, also demystifies the personalities of these well-inked women with candid interviews about their upbringings, first tattoos as well as their favourite and most challenging modelling experiences.

For Leigha Hagan one pair just isn't enough: she has a bare chest inked on her arm
The book's author, Akos Bánfalvi, a well-known Hungarian journalist and principal contributor to Hungarian Tattoo Magazine, asks the models to divulge how they were discovered, who their most trusted tattoo artists are, and how they launched their careers.
The images include work by professional photographers with experience shooting for Skin & Ink, Playboy, and other publications.

Leigha Hagan has an under-eye tattoo and her body art includes a man wearing a gas mask, pair of breasts and skull which is inked on her hand

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