Hover Houses: 12 Cliff-Clinging Homes with a View

Swim to the edge of an infinity pool that feels as if it’s going to pour right out into the sea, or stand on a glass-walled balcony hanging off a cantilevered volume, seeming to hover in mid-air. These dramatic cliffside houses are anchored to stone, but extend out over the landscape for incredible views.

Cliffside Home with Cantilevered Infinity Pool

A sparkling infinity pool juts out over the rocks in this incredible ultramodern Thailand home by Original Vision. Stacked volumes create outdoor spaces that are open to the air, while the entire ocean-facing facade is made up of glass walls, windows and doors to properly appreciate the view.

Light and Reflections in La Jolla, California

Everything about this home in La Jolla forms an echo of the sky and sea, from the glittering glass and reflective pools to the all those curving lines. Architect Wallace Cunningham created organic forms in marble-like white polished concrete and built the house into the hillside so it would feel as if it were a part of the landscape.

X-Shaped Cliffside House

Nearly invisible from the street, this X-shaped residence by Cadaval & Solá Morales is tucked into the cliffside so that the roof is actually a driveway and terrace overlooking Barcelona. Residents descend into the two levels of living spaces below. The incisions at the top and bottom of the ‘X’ let in light while preserving privacy.

Mirage House Blends In With the Aegean Sea

At just the right angle, this home nestled into the hills of Tinos Island in Greece’s Cyclades archipelago seems to disappear altogether, its rooftop infinity pool blending into the Aegean Sea. ‘Mirage House‘ by Kois Associated Architects was envisioned as an “invisible oasis” will all interior spaces tucked into the subterranean rock-sheltered portion of the home.

Cargo Ship Clings to Cliff

Once, this ship transported people like Henry Ford and Thomas Edison around the Great Lakes, though its main purpose was to transport coal and iron for the Ford Motor Company. Now, it’s a private residence overlooking Lake Eerie from a small island. The 1924 ship was decommissioned in 1981 and converted in 1986, its interior restored. All equipment in the pilot house was left intact so guests can look out onto the water and feel as if they’re really steering the ship.

Seaside House on a Pole

Resembling an oversized lifeguard stand, the Pole House by F2 Architecture is one of Australia’s most iconic and well-photographed homes. Set high above ground level on a steel pole, the home is accessible by a walkway with glass balustrades. The rentable one-bedroom vacation home has retractible glass walls to balance privacy with the ability to take in those gorgeous views.

Shadowcliff, Wisconsin

This classic by Harry Weese & Associates was built in 1969, with a rusting glass box jutting out over Ellison Bay in Wisconsin.

Nova Scotia Cliff House

MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple designed this 960-square-foot home, half-set on the Nova Scotia cliff, its other half hanging out over the coastline. The dramatically cantilevered volume is “precariously perched off a bedrock cliff to heighten one’s experience of the landscape through a sense of vertigo and a sense of floating on the sea,” say the architects.

Modern Madrid Cliff Home

Another cantilevered Madrid home takes a different approach with a rectilinear metal-clad design, forming a giant box that extends over the hillside. Architect Arturo Franco explains that he took his inspiration from “an iron structure like those of the visionary Russian Constructivists, a work by Tony Carr, a chair by Shapiro, a piece by Max Hill; something heavy and light at the same time; gravity, an issue; the scale, an instrument to work with; a large table or a small ship.”

Modern Beach Cliff House, Australia

Looking out over the jagged cliffs of Dover Heights on the coast of Australia, Holman House by Durbach Block Jaggers Architects features living and dining areas that cantilever out over the sea. The lower level is built into the rough stone walls of the cliff.

House on Cliffside by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

A steep plot and desire to contain most of the home on just a single level led to this monolithic design in Alicante, Spain by Fran Silvestre Architects. Stairs lead from the clean white residence to a swimming pool overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Casa 11 Mujeres by Mathias Klotz

A family with eleven daughters wished for a holiday home on a cliffside overlooking Santiago in Chile. The result, Casa 11 Mujeres, is built on a 45-degree slope with a cantilevered volume that makes it seem as if you’re floating on air. Shared spaces like a game room and TV room are located within the plinth, while the intermediate level contains the bedrooms of the eleven daughters and the upper levels contain the master bedroom, living room and dining room.

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