Cabins in the Canopy: 13 Modern Tree Houses by Baumraum

Ranging from minimalist elevated meditation cabins to complex climate-controlled company meeting spaces, the many treehouse creations of German company Baumraum offer unconventional and often strikingly modern silhouettes in natural settings.

Custom-designed and costing anywhere from $25,000 to nearly $200,000, these treehouses and treehouse hotels are places for adventure and retreat amongst the foliage.

Treehouse Halle

Stairs ascend through a hole in the roof of a garage on a German property, spiraling around an oak tree to reach the Treehouse Halle. Baumraum set this zinc and wood structure 11 meters above the ground as a sleeping and relaxation space, supported by two steel stilts anchored to the lower part of the tree. A double-sized bed peeks out a large window onto the surrounding landscape.

Almke Treehouse

A lucky scout group in Wolfsburg, Germany gets to meet at this elevated clubhouse constructed around a pine tree, with two almost-identical wooden volumes set at staggered heights within the forest canopy. The Almke Treehouse provides a place to gather, eat and sleep, with the lower volume full of bunk beds for eight.

Treehouse Djuren

An elliptical volume with egg-like sides seems to float above a wooded family property in Northern Germany, supported on a series of four stilts around two are oak trees. Sleeping benches covered in gray felt offer a comfortable perch from which to look out onto the trees.

Treehouse Solling

Treehouse Solling hovers above a pond like something out of a fairytale, an unusual two-story structure with a rounded roof punctured by a skylight. The treehouse serves as a sleeping place and observation point connected to a nearby forester’s cabin via a cable-suspended bridge. Like most of Baumraum’s structures, the outside is covered in zinc plating and the inside is lined with timber.

Treehouse in Belgium

This treehouse was envisioned as the perfect place for a paper company to brainstorm about sustainability among nature. Located in a forest in Belgium, the climate-controlled space is a lot more like a conventional building than most treehouses, containing a kitchen, lounge and restroom as well as a ventilation system and motion-sensor LED lights. It offers all the comforts of a meeting space within an office, but in an environment that’s a lot more conducive to creative thinking.

Station Treehouse

Set on an Austrian hillside overlooking the Carinthian Mountains and Lake Millstatt, this structure functions almost like an inhabitable telescope with a large tilting window offering stunning views. The free-standing tower is, like many Baumraum creations, less like a treehouse than an observation post, but retains the feel of a treehouse nonetheless.

Wagtail Treehouse

The Bachstelze Treehouse, also known as ‘Wagtail,’ has an almost animal-like appearance thanks to its eight spider-inspired legs. Located along a small stream in Austria and standing about 4.5 meters above the ground, the whole thing looks as if it could get up and walk away at any moment. Many of the windows open to the fresh air, and a large connecting deck offers sunbathing opportunities.

Enhancements Hotel Mendoza

This one almost feels like a UFO hovering above a farmer’s field, preparing to land. The shape of this elevated ‘tree’ house echoes that of a traditional agricultural greenhouse, perfect for the vineyard setting on the property of a large wellness hotel in the Argentine city of Mendoza. The space offers a luxurious place to ‘glamp,’ an alternative to the hotel’s more conventional guest rooms.

Between Alder and Oak Treehouse

With a two-level terrace and a curvilinear design, this treehouse slowly ascends ‘between alder and oak,’ as the name suggests, on a property in Osnabrück, Germany. Large windows on three sides overlook the woods, and a skylight enables stargazing when the sun goes down.

Baumhaus World of Living

The Baumhaus World of Living is almost more about the terrace space than it is about the treehouse itself. Built for the Adventure Park World of Living by Weber Haus, it was constructed in the construction company’s apprentice workshop and features seven oblique, conical-shaped supports made of Siberian larch. Inside, the walls are lined in a tree-printed wallpaper where word games and informational text blocks are hidden within the leaves.

Baumhaus Prague

Perhaps the most rectilinear of all Baumhaus’ structures, this Prague treehouse has two staggered-height terraces supported by ‘belt loops’ of rope around the limbs of an oak. Two steel columns support the back end of the structure to avoid putting too much stress on the tree.

Whispering Tree Suites

These four secluded 13-meter-long cabins were designed as part of the first tree house hotel in North Germany. While each environmentally friendly cabin gets support by 14 irregularly arranged tubular steel columns, each of the cabins’ terraces is suspended in a nearby tree.

Meditation Treehouse

The Meditation Treehouse, built in an old chestnut tree near Rome, is appropriately zen-like in its simplicity. The terrace features cut-outs for the tree’s limbs and leads to a minimalist wooden room made for relaxation and reflection.

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