Taken by the TSA: 13 Strange Items Confiscated at Airports

If you think you can smuggle a sword cleverly concealed inside a cane, a lipstick that’s actually a taser, pigeons wrapped in newspaper or nylon bags full of snakes onto an airplane, think again. The Transportation Security Administration has truly seen and confiscated it all. Here are 13 of the weirdest and most disturbing items that the TSA has discovered during the security screening process.

Snakes on a Plane

TSA screeners monitoring a body scanner at the Miami International Airport in 2011 were puzzled by what looked like bulbous growths attached to a man’s legs. Pulling him aside, they discovered that the man’s pants were full of snakes and tortoises wrapped in nylon bags. Had they not caught him, he would have walked onto the plane with seven snakes and three tortoises, likely bound for the illegal pet trade.

A Chastity Belt

Says the TSA of this unusual discovery, “And while it isn’t prohibited, a passenger wearing a chastity belt alarmed the body scanner at one of our checkpoints. I’m sure you can imagine where an undergarment such as this might be a problem at a security checkpoint. Especially if there is no key.”

Daggers Disguised as Hairbrushes & Combs

Do some quick internet browsing and you can find knives and other weapons disguised as all sorts of clever things. That doesn’t mean you should try to take them on a flight. Screeners don’t take it lightly when they find hairbrushes, combs and other everyday items concealing potentially deadly daggers.

Mickey Mouse Full of Guns

Would it ever occur to you that a stuffed Mickey Mouse clutched in someone’s arms was filled with firearms? Maybe that depends on who’s holding it. Mickey is just one of many stuffed animals that have been used to smuggle guns and ammunition at the airport.

A Bag of Eels & A Whole Lot of Fish

Referring to the incident as a “nomadic aquarium for people on the go,” the TSA pulled aside a passenger who was attempting to transport 163 tropical fish, 12 ‘red sliders,’ 22 invertebrates, 24 live coral species, 8 pieces of Scleactinina with mushroom polyps and 8 pieces of soft coral from Miami to Maracaibo. “We’re not in the business of looking for marine life, but you can probably imagine how odd this looked on our monitor.

Scooby Doo Razor Blades

Who would guess that behind Scooby Doo’s goofy expression on a cardboard greeting card was a set of utility blades? They might have gotten away with it if not for those pesky TSA agents.

Sword Hidden in a Cane

People must think they’re mighty clever when hobbling through the airport on a cane that’s actually concealing a sword. Too bad security officials have seen it all before, dozens of times over. On the TSA blog you can view a rather astonishing assortment of cane swords representing just a fraction of those that have been confiscated over the last few years.

Birds in His Pants

People try all sorts of strange tricks to get wildlife and pets through airport security, like this guy who thought it was a good idea to wrap a couple pigeons in some newspaper and stuff them down his pants.

Lipstick Taser

It’s not hard to understand why a woman traveling alone might want to transport some sort of self-defense tool, and this bejeweled pink lipstick case concealing a taser is admittedly pretty clever.

Human Skull Fragments

“Honestly, officer, I had no idea there was a human skull inside that pot full of dirt!” is basically what one passenger said when scanners found bone fragments inside a checked bag filled with old pots. Says the TSA, “While the fragments weren’t a security threat, they did slow screening down a bit since the area quickly became a crime scene!”

Belt Buckle Knife

Here’s another clever but ultimately detectible way passengers try to get weapons onto planes: belt buckle knives. Four of them were discovered in four different cities in a single week in 2012.

Medieval Weapon

Some people try to bring cans of mace on airplanes; others try to bring actual medieval maces of the sort that people once used to crush each other’s skulls during the Middle Ages.

Human Baby Flesh Pills

Perhaps one of the most gruesome things ever discovered by airport security wasn’t found by the TSA, but by customs officials in South Korea. More than 17,000 pills disguised as ‘stamina boosters’ are actually the powdered remains of human babies, illegally produced in China for their supposed medical benefits. Tests have shown that the pills do in fact contain up to 99.7 percent human remains, which the drug makers procure from hospitals.

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